ZoneSurvey App

It's easy on a whole new level. Field staff use ZoneSurvey on an iPhone or iPad to quickly claim a hazards survey work order from the emergency management office and collect field data. When they're done, it takes just a few taps to submit the hazards survey data for immediate access by emergency management officials.

  • Fully automated work orders provide exact survey location and instructions. The App provides everything they need to complete.
  • Each hazard survey record is automatically timestamped along with the GPS location. Transportation and hazard class pick lists streamline data capture. Eliminate time-consuming forms and improve accuracy.
  • Online survey submission to emergency management office eliminates key entry by staff. Start new hazardous materials studies immediately.
  • ZoneSurvey App is free to download. Only authorized staff may claim work orders and upload completed surveys.
  • Includes common collection of rail and roadway transportation types from the Emergency Response Guide. Easy to identify and select.
  • All major hazard classes are included. Multiple hazard classes may be selected for entry in addition to related hazard identification numbers (optional).