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Hazardous materials risks are everywhere and it's your job to anticipate problems before they become serious accidents or deadly incidents. Getting hazardous materials commodity flow survey data can be a job in itself. But it can be months before the survey data is organized for study. In a world of increasing threats, that's an unacceptable timeline, especially for elected officials.

Our ZoneStudy™ and ZoneSurvey™ Apps streamline the entire hazards study process. In just a few minutes, you can post hazards survey work orders that can then be claimed by authorized county workers or volunteers. Using our free App, ZoneSurvey, surveyors can claim a work order from anywhere and complete the survey using their iPhone or iPad. When they're done, they simply submit the completed survey to a secure database in the cloud for your immediate access. You no longer have to wait weeks for survey data or for someone to find the time to re-key. The moment the hazards survey data is uploaded it's available for studies.

  • Eliminate survey re-key
  • Faster hazards studies
  • Reduce overall labor

Digital Work Orders

Perfect OEM solution.

Hazards surveys often require coordination with personnel that may be working hundreds of miles away. With ZoneStudy, you can build and post a hazards survey work order in less than a minute. It's easy to title and set the exact survey location you need for hazardous materials commodity flow studies.


Just Tap. Tap. Tap.

No more hand-written survey forms

Everything a surveyor needs is in the palm of their hand. The ZoneSurvey App includes a common collection of rail and roadway transportation types from the Emergency Response Guide and all major hazard class placards. Each survey record is automatically timestamped along with its GPS location.

Tap to select a rail or roadway transportation type. Tap to select a hazard class placard. Tap to timestamp and save. It's that easy. Eliminate time-consuming forms and improve accuracy. What's more, there's no re-keying information into a spreadsheet or database after the survey. When the survey is complete, just a few more taps to submit the survey to a secure database in the cloud and the data is available for hazard studies.

Hazard Studies

No spreadsheets. No Formulas. No Pain.

Easily target specific hazard classes in your study with just a few taps or include all hazard classes.

Study Maps & Reports

Visual. Informative. Fast.
No more, 'Let me get back to you on that.'

Reports are summarized by transportation type for each study and hazard class. You can export the entire report to a PDF file and quickly email to any community leaders or official.

ZoneStudy makes it easy for you to identify problem locations so you can make informative decisions and take action.


Up & running in minutes. Not days.

All the training you need is available online. Our YouTube videos provide the visual instructions you need on how to create work orders and build hazardous commodity flow studies. There's even an instructional video on how surveyors use ZoneSurvey to record and submit survey information.

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