ZoneClient™ App

Secure coordinated client care with your iPad. ZoneClient™ is powerful 911 Alternative Response Client Relationship Management (CRM) App designed specifically for community cooperatives (e.g., fire departments, community agencies, etc.). Using this easy-to-use App, you can easily collaborate with local agencies to manage 'frequent callers'.

Each client features a secure digital folder used to manage contact notes, record time spent with clients, insert pictures, add forms, and more. Coordinated client care has never been easier. Now you have tools to help you reduce labor, improve client care, reduce non-emergency 911 calls, and curb needs to expand emergency response budgets.

  • Review referral applications submitted by ZoneReferral™ App users to your cooperative. Decision makers have immediate access to applicant details, including release agreements and pictures, to be approved/denied.
  • Digitally signed release agreements are securely stored in the client folder for immediate access by authorized personnel.
  • Built-in security controls prevent unauthorized access to client informaton.
  • Shared contact notes tool helps keep participating agencies on the same page. Eliminate the endless cycle of email chains and return calls.
  • Schedule follow-up alerts for client contact or inter-agency discussions. Prevent important details from falling through the cracks.
  • Client touches are automatically timestamped and saved to a log in the client's folder. Now you have a complete history of client contact.
  • Includes built-in time tracking tools that help decision makers measure FTE for grant requests and review by key stakeholders.
  • Features a form-building tool that can be used to collect and organize client care data unique to your cooperative. Now everything regarding the client is in one convenient and shared location.
  • Quickly generates valuable reports that provide decision makers with insight on cooperative operations and results.