ZonePresser App

Now you can prepare a formal incident press release for newspaper, television, press, or agency contacts in just one minute. Simply tap selections from up to 14 common incident conditions. Based on your selections, ZonePresser prepares a custom press release for the incident that you can email with just a few taps. It's a great tool for busy incident commanders and PIOs. Use ZonePresser to alert the press during the incident or for general follow up after the incident. ZonePresser helps eliminate distractions during the incident when your time is most valuable as a commander while at the same time getting important information to others and the community. It's the ideal tool for large incidents, community advisories, HAZMAT advisories, evacuations, and much more.

  • Designed for use by firefighter incident commanders and PIOs.
  • Incident condition selections include type, status, victims, search, crew injuries, patient treatment, initial cause assessment, completion estimate, utility outages, building exposures, road closures, alarms, community advisories, and HAZMAT advisories.
  • Incident types include: structure fire, traffic accident, grass fire, mass casualty, water rescue, medical emergency, plane crash, hazardous materials spill, dumpster fire, tornado, and severe weather event.
  • Prepares a professionally formatted press release that press contacts expect.
  • Press releases can be saved, updated, and re-sent during the incident.
  • Personal contact and department contact information saved for reuse.
  • Press release automatically timestamped for preview and send.
  • Attach incident picture to press release.
  • Send press release to any email contact in your address book.