ZoneEMS™ App

Are you prepared for the unthinkable? Tragically, mass casualty incidents (MCI) like Vegas, Parkland, and Borderline have become part of your playbook; but the sheer volume and complexity continues to stretch the limits of command processes. Victim tracking for major events is fluid and accuracy is vital to saving lives. Will a notepad and pen do the job? We have the solution.

ZoneEMS is a scalable victim tracking App for routine and mass casualty incidents (MCI). Now with just an iPad, battalion chiefs and treatment officers can quickly organize victim details with just taps and swipes on an iPad. Information from all officers on scene is automaically organized and available to the incident commander via our exclusive Victims Dashboard screen. Now command has immediate access to incident intelligence that helps them save lives, make better decisions and stay ahead of the incident.

  • Victims tracked by truama color code
  • Record victim notes and vital details
  • Victim status changes automatically timestamped
  • Victims dashboard summarizes victim details from all treatment officers
  • Seamlessly integrates mutual-aid officers
  • Includes list of nearby hospitals with distance to each from incident location
  • Send private alert notifications to authorized users, including related pictures
  • Free to use for victim tracking and hospital transports
  • Pre-plan integration (subscription required)
  • Presents nearby cordoned zones set by command such as hot, warm, cold, evacuation, and more (subscription required)