ZoneBuilder App

ZoneBuilder is an App for tagging building locations for security events. It's also used by firefighters for tagging building target hazards and fire response locations. ZoneBuilder is the companion App to the ZoneCommand incident management system. Simply install, create a zone, and tag important locations. You can also publish zones to our Zone Store to share with others.

ZoneBuilder is a great tool for schools, universities, businesses, event managers, and anyone that needs to protect people and property. Using ZoneBuilder, you can tag locations that become reportable locations during security events like fire drills and lockdowns. Using the ZoneAlert companion App, building occupants can provide room and personnel status. Room status is reported to the ZoneCommand incident management system during the incident.

ZoneBuilder is also a great tool for firefighters. Target hazard, fire response, and fire hydrant locations can be identified and published to the ZoneStore for sharing. Using the ZoneCommand companion App, location specific information appears on the scene map while managing the incident. You'll have quick access to valuable incident information that improves command effectiveness and response safety.

  • Works with the ZoneCommand incident management system
  • Includes Zone types for building security
  • Features valuable location type icons
  • Map display presents tagged locations
  • Identify target hazard and fire response locations for firefighting
  • Publish Zones to Zone Store for sharing