ZoneStudy App

No more scattered hazards survey data and time-consuming spreadsheets that don't work. Emergency management officials use ZoneStudy on their iPad to build simple to complex hazardous materials commodity flow studies with just a few taps. You have immediate access to completed surveys by ZoneSurvey users and you're just a few taps and swipes away from informative results. can quickly respond to requests from elected officials, state authorities, federal emergency management, and the community without consuming valuable human capital to achieve.

  • Quickly build survey work orders for ZoneSurvey field staff. Only authorized staff may claim, complete, and submit hazards surveys.
  • Immediate access to completed surveys once uploaded by ZoneSurvey users. You'll eliminate re-key efforts and produce more timely studies.
  • Select one, several, or all surveyed hazard classes for study. You can fine-tune your study with just a few simple taps.
  • Include one or all surveys from your database subscription in study. Organizing and filtering thousands of surveys has never been easier.
  • Simple slide control for start and end date range. You can easily narrow your study to a week or several years.
  • Day of week filters simplify target location studies. We make it easy for you to identify problem locations.
  • Survey time filters work great for rush hour and time-sensitive studies. Quickly analyze hazardous materials flows through school zones.
  • Study details summarized by map pin points for rapid identification. A quick tap reveals frequency details.
  • Includes detailed hazardous materials study report, including transportation type, hazard class, frequency, and hazard id number.
  • Easily export and email PDF report to others. Now you can complete and deliver on-the-fly studies while on the phone with elected officials.