Because rising non-emergency 911 calls by 'frequent callers' requires change.

Every community has their share of 'frequent callers' calls for non-emergency needs. You know...the repeated calls for prescription refills and the like. These calls consume and tie-up expensive first responder resources - putting the community at risk during high priority emergencies as well as stretching budgets.

In response, many communities are working together with local agencies to form cooperatives that can help connect clients directly to the resources they need instead of calling 911. The challenge is how to securely share client information between participating agencies so that they can effectively manage client care plans. We have the solution!

Our 911 Alternative Response Client Relationship Management (CRM) Apps are specifically designed for community cooperatives that need a secure, mobile-based system for coordinated client care.

  • Securely share client information with participating agencies
  • Improve client care
  • Reduce non-emergency 911 calls

Mobile App Referral Application

Perfect agency partner & first responder solution.

First responders and agency partners are the resources that engage 'frequent callers' out in the field. Using our ZoneReferral App, they can now quickly collect and securely submit important information about the client's needs to their community cooperative. Decision makers then use our ZoneClient iPad App to review the referral application.

Real Coordinated Care

Secure sharing has never been easier

Finally...Everyone is on the same page

Serving the client can involve multiple agencies in the community cooperative, including field representatives and office-based personnel. The challenge is that the available office-based tools are unable to control, document, and track shared access for privacy compliance.

Using our ZoneClient App, it's easy to assign agencies engaged in the client's care program. The App automatically presents a list of available agencies that the client has authorized via their signed release agreement. Even if new agencies are added to your cooperative after the signed release agreement, only the authorized agencies may access shared confidential client information for privacy compliance.

Mobile Client Relationship Management

No spreadsheets. No pain. It just works.

Client touches are timestamped and saved automatically to a log so the cooperative has a running history of client activity.


Visual. Informative. Fast.
No more, 'Let me get back to you on that.'

No more guessing on where to deploy community resources! Get raw counts on referral sources in seconds. Now your cooperative is empowered with intelligent information that can make a difference!

Rapid Deployment

Get up and running today...Not in weeks or months.

We can get your cooperative up & running with a unique account in a single day; and adding shared custom forms* to your account is available as an optional service.

Contact us today to get an account for your cooperative!

* custom set-up fees apply

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