ZoneCommand App

ZoneCommand is the premier Incident Command Dashboard App for the iPad. It's a significant advancement beyond legacy tactical worksheets. Every detail is automatically timestamped and saved to the incident log and valuable command tools that streamline command are always just a tap away.

ZoneCommand is the only mobile incident management software powered by our Incident Command Dashboard (ICD technology). The ICD is a command dashboard that overlays the incident command scene. It features a collection of incident-type specific tools that help the Incident Commander manage the incident. The ICD improves crew safety, scene control, command effectiveness, streamlines events, and reduces command stress by consolidating all the command information you need into one simple easy-to-use screen.


  • Incident scene map display
  • Personnel accountability report (PAR) tool
  • Dynamic crew staffing – great for volunteer departments!
  • Division management tool
  • Search and fire benchmarks tool
  • Unit task assignments – simply drag task to unit on scene
  • Running incident clock
  • Unit timers
  • Export entire incident log to PDF or spreadsheet file
  • Distance calculator – finger swipe to calculate hydrant distance
  • Incident type specific templates
  • Scene tools for roadblock, fire location, and more
  • Crew shift management
  • Command simulator
  • Incident checklist
  • How to videos and built-in training
  • Checklist triggers
  • Inventory sharing
  • Dashboard sharing option
  • Hydrant and other pre-plan integration
  • Incident picture album
  • Command transfer


  • CAD Link - App can accept unit and crew dispatch information
  • EOC integration - resource request automation
  • Pre-plan integration - integrate GIS hydrant locations, including GPM