ZoneAlert App

ZoneAlert is a incident command App used for accessing shared Incident Command Dashboards from the companion App, ZoneCommand. Incident commanders can access dashboards for active incidents in their authorized incident zone.

ZoneAlert is also personal and building security security App used to report both room and personnel status for a security zone (e.g., school, office, etc.). ZoneAlert is the companion App to the ZoneCommand incident management system. Simply install, select a security zone, and submit a request to join the security team for the zone. Once approved, you can participate in security events and quickly report your status during incidents. Security zone status reports automatically feed to the Alert Dashboard for authorized security directors in the security zone. The App helps facilitate building evacuations and lockdowns, and provides incident commanders with valuable information during incidents.

ZoneAlert is a great security tool for schools, universities, churches, businesses, event managers, and anyone that needs to protect people and property. ZoneAlert can be used for fire drills, lockdowns, intruder events, and just about any building event where occupant safety is a priority.

  • Requires the ZoneCommand incident management system.
  • Immeidately alerts you when there's a building security incident issued by authorized ZoneAlert users.
  • Presents list of reportable room locations for security zone with quick pick status responses.
  • Can be used to report building events or intruder alerts.
  • Reports personnel location, floor, and status.
  • Configurable for use in multiple security zones (e.g., university campuses).
  • Only approved security staff participate in incidents for security zone.