Real-Time Victim Tracking with trauma levels, victim counts, and hospital transports

Everything you need for routine and mass casualty incident (MCI) victim tracking is at your fingertips. ZoneEMS™ helps you track victims by trauma level, including hospital transports and remaining victims on scene. Via a single screen, you can quickly assess conditions and hospital loads so you can make more informed decisions.

What's more, victim details from other treatment/triage officers using either our ZoneEMS™ or ZoneCommand Pro™ App to manage their commands automatically feed to your dashboard so you're just one tap away from life-saving information...and all you need is an iPad to get started!

  • Achieve faster scene control
  • Stay ahead of the incident with real-time victim informaton
  • Automated incident intelligence that can help save lives
  • Great solution for both routine, MCI exercises, and more
  • Free to use for basic victim tracking and hospital transports (advanced features require a paid subscription)

Check out what we do for mobile-based victim tracking

Our exclusive Victims Dashboard automatically summarizes victim details, including trauma color code counts from all nearby active commands. Critical data that helps you SAVE lives.


ZoneEMS delivers real-time victim and transport details in a single screen - eliminate that obsolete notepad & pen.


Includes a list of nearby hospitals with loads & Trauma Level - stay ahead of the incident to get priority victims where they need to go.


Seamlessly integrates an unlimited number of mutual-aid commands and treatment officers - supports routine & MCIs.

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There's NO limit to the number of users you can pre-authorize for recording victim tracking details and hospital transports.


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