Digital Accountability Tags...a solution for volunteer and mixed FDs that WORKS!

Accountability is a routine challenge for many volunteer departments. That is, volunteers check-in with the initial officer, grab a radio from the unit and go to work. But by the time the batallion chief arrives and command transfer begins, firefighters are scattered all over the scene. The initial commander is frequently a working officer as well so it becomes a challenge for the battalion chief to pull everything together to achieve scene control.

ZoneCommand Pro features an optional screen for digital accountability tags. When volunteers arrive, they'll go to the available unit on scene and punch in their Crew Id and radio number using our exclusive digital accountability tag screen. Unit crew assignments forward to the incident commander's dashboard automatically so that when the battalion chief arrives they simply start ZoneCommand Pro and crew assignments for all units on scene are immediately available to them.

  • Arriving volunteers simply tap in their crew Id for accountability tracking
  • Provides incident commander with real-time accountability details
  • Streamlines battalion chief's command transfer activities
  • Improves scene control
  • Significantly improves accountability

Digital Accountability Tags

Perfect crew safety solution.

Accountability tags for EACH unit forward to the incident commander automatically. Now when the battalion chief arrives, they'll have a complete roster of who's on scene and their unit assignments. Command is now immediately ready for PAR and to achieve scene control using ZoneCommand Pro to manage the incident.

Personnel Accountability Report

No scribbled notes. No confusion. No pain.

Crew unit assignments and PAR results are saved to the incident log automatically, including a timestamp. Now you'll have a complete and accurate record for safety and post incident analysis reports.

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