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As you know, Mass Casualty Incidents (MCI) are complex events involving multiple agencies. A notepad and pen cannot accurately manage the volume and rapidly changing victim details; but mobile-based technology in the hands of participating agencies delivers the Speed & Accuracy required. The challenge is HOW to automate and seamlessly connect these agencies during the unthinkable to SAVE LIVES, accurately track victims and more quickly reunite families.

MCI Ready is our interoperable platform for real-time MCI victim and evacuee tracking. Using just off-the-shelf iPads, iPhones and standard IT tools, incident command, EMS teams, hospitals, schools, campuses, large event venues, and emergency management officials can securely record and share vital incident information so that command and leaders can make more informed decisions that help save lives.

If you received a MCI Ready notice from us, we have already built a ready-to-use platform for digitally tracking mass casualty victim details and evacuees in your community. This includes pre-plan slots for nearby schools, hospitals, airports, and large event venues. All you need is an iPad to get started. If your community is not MCI Ready, contact us to learn how.

* Some services require an active subscription.
Check out the information below to learn more how we can help optimize your MCI response.

What's your MCI Ready role?

Incident Command


Our ZoneCommand Pro™ App helps command improve scene control and situational awareness with seamless victim tracking integration.


Our ZoneEMS™ App helps triage and treatment officers easily manage victim details at the scene, including trauma color counts and hospital transport loads.


Our API integration allows area hospitals to more accurately anticipate incoming victims from the scene and provide real-time trauma capacities to command.


Our ZoneEMS™ App also helps schools and large event venues easily track evacuees, control student collection & transports, and manage family reunification processes.

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