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During a mass casualty incident, there's always a degree of disconnect between the incident scene and the emergency room. What are the victim counts? Trauma colors? Transport times? Your hospital is working to mobilize resources as well and timely answers to these questions can affect how well you're able to respond.

With mobile-based victim tracking via our ZoneEMS™ App, victim information is accurately tabulated at the scene by triage/treatment officers. Your hospital now has access to the same real-time information as first responders at the scene. Your hospital can use our API tools* to quickly access victim details for incidents of any size.

  • Unique barcode victim tracking at the scene helps eliminate duplicate counts
  • API gives hospitals access to the most up-to-date information available
  • API includes victim transport times from the incident scene and hospital destination
  • API includes total counts by trauma color, transports, and released
* MCI Ready API (Application Program Interface) is a new feature for hospital integration. Scheduled availability is Q3/2019.

Check out what MCI Ready means to your hospital team.

ZoneEMS's exclusive Victims Dashboard helps first responders collect and organize victim information at the scene. Via our API tools, your hospital now has timely access to critical victim tracking automation directly from the incident scene that helps SAVE lives.


A set of MCI Ready accounts are configured for use by your first responder partners - automation delivers Speed & Accuracy.

Triage Tags

Barcode victim tracking at the scene - helps eliminate duplicate victim counts for improved decision making.

Trauma Color

API provides access to real-time trauma counts - make more timely decisions based on information from the scene.


API provides access to real-time victim transport details - mobilize teams and respond more effectively to ER arrivals.


Update trauma capacities in real-time via API - give first responders immediate access to the latest hospital details at the scene.

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