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Victim tracking is fluid and it can be difficult at best to accurately manage rapidly changing victim information coming from multiple sources in real-time. What's more, the challenges are amplified during large-scale, mass casualty incidents (MCI) and exercises that can involve numerous treatment officers and mutual-aid units. We can help with the only scalable victim tracking App that seamlessly integrates with an Incident Command Dashboard App (ZoneCommand Pro).

ZoneEMS is an extremely easy-to-use iPad App for victim tracking. You can literally have dozens of treatment officers at the incident scene using an iPad to quickly record victim details and hospital transports. Real-time victim details are automatically organized and summarized for command. In addition, because these MCIs and related exercises frequently involve mutual-aid partners, these resources can easily plug into the same event and access shared incident resources.

Using powerful cloud-based technologies, we help you collect vital command intelligence that helps you make better and more timely command decisions for both mass casualty and routine incidents. Compare for yourself...

ZoneEMS™ - Scalable Victim Tracking for Routine and MCIs Current System Our Solution
Does it feature a Free App (ZoneEMS) to encourage use by all officers and mutual-aid partners for maximum benefit to command?   icon
Does it allow treatment officers to record basic victim tracking details with just taps and swipes?   icon
Does it automatically summarize victims by trauma color code?   icon
Does it automatically display a list of all nearby commands with victim counts by trauma color?   icon
Does it inlude one-touch filters that quickly display victims by trauma color, on-scene, and more?   icon
Does it display a list of nearby hospitals, including trauma level, by distance from the incident location?   icon
Does it include a list of victim transports, including transport time, to each hospital?   icon
Does it include the ability to share victim tracking and transport details with area hospitals?   icon
Does it including sharing of pre-plan materials* with mutual-aid units?   icon
Does it display evacuation routes* for the incident location?   icon
Does it integrate with command to display evacuation, shelter-in-place, hot, warm, and cold cordon zones?   icon
Does it send alert notifications to authorized users for sharing incident advisories and pictures?   icon
Does it facilitate tabletop mass casualty exercises with remote users and mutual-aid partners?   icon
Does it feature online simulations to help command and treatment officers practice use?   icon
Does it easily help you to invite mutual-aid partners to join your scalable system for victim tracking?   icon
Does it streamline MCI exercises and serve as a gateway to command automation for routine operations?   icon
* ZoneCommand Pro subscription required

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