Family Reunification

If you're responsible for building occupants or event attendees, you know mass casualty incident preparedness involves evacuees as well. Whether it's hundreds of students in a school or tens of thousands of event spectators, family reunification is more than just an operational detail during a MCI. It can be a major undertaking that requires automation to manage.

Our ZoneEMS™ App also includes family reunification features. Using simple tyvek barcode wristbands, evacuees can be uniquely tracked via the App. This automation helps you to track evacuee whereabouts and record identification details when family members are reunified. Mobile-based tracking allows your team to effectively control the entire family reunification process.

  • Scan barcode wristbands to track evacuee whereabouts
  • Control and document each step, including transport, processing, and reunification
  • No limit to the number of staff users that can scan and track evacuees using the App
  • Evacuee counts (i.e., trauma color white), including evacuees that have not been reunified, automatically forward to incident command via ZoneCommand Pro App

Intro Video - Accurately track evacuees faster regardless of incident size.

ZoneEMS empowers your team to collect, manage, and control the entire family reunification process - seamless integration with incident command, too.

Check out what MCI Ready means to your organization.

ZoneEMS's exclusive dashboard and evacuee tracking helps your staff collect and organize evacuee details from the scene to family reunification.


A set of MCI Ready accounts are configured for use by your first responder partners - automation delivers Speed & Accuracy.


Barcode evacuee tracking at the scene - helps eliminate duplicate counts and control family reunification processes.


Intuitive App design - support staff can use it immediately .


Quickly scan and track evacuees for transportation and when they arrive for processing - each touch automatically timestamped.


All reunificaiton details are captured and summarized in the Command Report via our ZoneCommand Pro App.

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