Training Evolution with ZoneCommand Pro

Burn Site Training - 5/23

See it in action! This incredible video demonstrates tap-by-tap and swipe-by-swipe how easy it is to use ZoneCommand Pro at the scene. In just 15 minutes, you'll see a wide range of command features that help you to quickly achieve scene control and record vital incident information effortlessly. ZoneCommand Pro delivers Speed & Accuracy to the command scene and this video proves it.

Here's a brief list of what you'll see demonstrated while you listen to actual command and crew communications:

  • Drag and drop dispatched units to the scene map
  • Quickly mark alpha side, staging, and smoke locations with scene tools
  • Rapidly assign tasks to units using our exclusive CommandTask feature
  • Quickly record fire and search benchmarks using our exclusive benchmarks feature
  • See checklist triggers automatically activate Arrival and Status Report checklists
  • Immediately activate a 10-minute timer when Attack reports they are entering the structure
  • Quickly record victim details and display hospital transports summary
  • View our exclusive Command Report that delivers unmatched command detail
  • Much more...

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