Because command automation improves scene control and crew safety.

We deliver the automation you need to improve scene control and crew safety. ZoneCommand Pro™ is designed exclusively for the professional incident commander. With just taps and swipes on an iPad, commanders now have the automation to streamline incident command operations. Protecting people and property will never be the same.

Feature ZoneCommand Pro Current System
Helps commander to quickly organize incident scene map icon  
Includes automated checklists and tools by incident type icon  
Automatically timestamps incident details to log icon  
Automatically timestamps assignments to log with finger swipe icon  
Automatically timestamps command activities to incident log icon  
Accurately tracks unit PAR down to crew level icon  
Automatically tracks time between PARs icon  
Automatically sets unit designations by task icon  
Includes incident picture album for record icon  
Includes division management tool icon  
Includes search and fire benchmark tools icon  
Presents pre-plan hydrant, floor plans and more icon  
Includes automated victim tracking by truama color icon  
Scans triage tag barcodes for automated victim tracking icon  
Automatically tracks hospital transport loads icon  
Includes status change checklists icon  
Includes checklist triggers icon  
Automates EOC resource requests icon  
Saves screen shots to incident album for record icon  
Includes interactive command simulations for training icon  
Features adjustable hot, warm, and cold cordon zone map tool icon  
Features adjustable evacuation cordon zone map tool icon  
Features adjustable shelter-in-place cordon zone map tool icon  
Features more than 60 location type scene markers icon  
Includes running elapsed clock icon  
Features unit timers with <5MIN and <10MIN illumination icon  
Automatically tracks and alerts span-of-control concerns icon  
Includes easy-to-follow How To videos icon  
Generates detailed chronological incident log icon  
Exports detailed log to spreadsheet file icon  
Features RTF staffing tool icon  
Supports large-scale MCI exercises icon  
Includes evacuee family reunification tracking tools icon  
Features voice-to-text incident note recording icon  
Includes radio frequency tracking tool icon  

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