Command Report

ZoneCommand Pro features many industry FIRSTS - now it's our exclusive Command Report. This report is more than just a detailed incident log. The Command Report provides unprecedented incident depth. What's more, there's nothing new that command needs to do to get the report. It's immediately available when you close the incident.

  • Summary page provides a quick incident review and table of contents - quickly understand the size and scope!
  • Scene Control section summarizes assignments and checklist items during the first 10 minutes - effectively highlights command's initial actions
  • Incident Log section details every command action in the App - clean and crisp presentation
  • Victims section lists all victim details recorded, including victims recorded by officers using our ZoneEMS App - valuable information for any MCI exercise
  • Benchmarks section provides a clean and detailed listing of reported search and fire benchmarks - highlights a level of detail that you normally don't see
  • Division Management section details every division management change - outstanding information for post incident analysis (PIA reviews)
  • Accountability section provides detailed reporting on all personnel accountability reports (PAR) during the incident - accountability information that no command should be without
  • Crew Roster section lists all crew members involved - incident detail that's generated automatically
  • Notes section reports dictated notes recorded by command - helps report all those details that can fall through the cracks
  • Incident Pictures section includes all pictures taken by command and screen shot captures - pictures and screen shots all in one place

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