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If you're a volunteer or mixed fire department, you know what a challenge it is to manage accountabiliy. Crews and command never arrive at the same time. If the incident is of any size, command can be quickly overwhelmed with crew assignment details - information that may be vital if there's a roof or wall collapse and you need to run a PAR.

With ZoneCommand Pro, arriving crew simply tap in their crew Id and radio number and the inforamtion automatically forwards to the commander's Incident Command Dashboard (ICD) when they arrive. Now command can focus on scene control during the early minutes of the incident instead of trying to track down who's on scene. Waht's more, assignment and accountability details are automatically timestamped and saved to the incident log. Compare for yourself...

ZoneCommand Pro™ - Incident Command Dashboard Current System Our Solution
Does it allow crew members to punch in their crew Id and radio number when they arrive at the scene?   icon
Does it automatically forward all unit crew assignments to the commander's Incident Command Dashboard (ICD)?   icon
Does it track and timestamp unit crew assignments?   icon
Does it include a personnel accountability report (PAR) tool?   icon
Does it allow the commander to manage and change unit crew assignments as incident needs change?   icon

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