Because cloud-based coordinated client care saves valuable time

Let's face it. Paper-based forms, back office systems using home-grown spreadsheets, and agency silo databases will never work for a community cooperative. There are simply too many independent agencies in the client's care program from start to finish; and disparate agency systems such as these create numerous opportunities for things to fall through the cracks.

We deliver the automation you need to help maximize the potential of your cooperative. Our ZoneReferral™ and ZoneClient™ Apps are specifically designed to help cooperatives like yours automate and securely share information between authorized agencies in the cooperative. Using powerful cloud-based technology, we take care of the back office details for 911 Alternative Respone CRM automation so you can improve client care and curb non-emergency 911 call volume in your community. Compare for yourself...

ZoneReferral™ - Automated Referral Application App Current System Our CRM System
Does it feature a Free App to encourage agency-wide participation in the cooperative for maximum benefit?   icon
Does it include multi-level security features to control and limit use to authorized agencies only?   icon
Does it easily attach client portrait and related pictures to the application that can assist the cooperative with client identification and needs?   icon
Does it offer pick lists that streamline data entry and help ensure required information is collected?   icon
Does it automatically enforce the collection of mandatory client information before application submission?   icon
Can the client preview and digitally sign a release agreement at the referral application site?   icon
Does it automatically timestamp the client's digital signature as part of a legal record?   icon
Does it eliminate the need for return trips to collect a release agreement from the client?   icon
Can it securely upload the referral application, photos, and signed release agreement to a secure client file for sharing with cooperative agencies?   icon
Does it immediately notify all cooperative administrators when new referral applications are submitted?   icon
Is the referral application submission automatically timestamped and saved to the client log?   icon
Does it automatically track application submission times by time of day to help with resource planning?   icon
Does it automatically unlock access to client files by agencies of record when the client signs the release agreement?   icon
Does it deliver the ease-of-use necessary to eliminate the need for formal training of referral partners?   icon
Does it feature built-in time-out controls to enforce strong privacy compliance practices?   icon
Does it eliminate time-consuming paper-based forms?   icon
Does it minimize the time required to collect referral application details?   icon
ZoneClient™ - 911 Alternative Response CRM App Current System Our CRM System
Does it feature a Free App that encourages use by participating agencies in the cooperative?   icon
Does it inlcude multi-level security controls that limit use to authorized agencies only?   icon
Does it provides cooperative administrators immediate access to new referral applications for review?   icon
Does it allow cooperative administrators to easily finish incomplete referral applications out-in-the-field?   icon
Does it feature a touch-based interface to streamline use both in the field and office environments?   icon
Does it eliminate paper-based forms and unwieldy spreadsheets that don't work for a multi-agency, collaborative need?   icon
Can it automatically track activity by agency and user so you know who's working in the client's file?   icon
Is it designed to be a collaborative system with built-in security controls by authorized agency?   icon
Does it allow one or more agencies to be assigned to the client so you'll always know who's involved in the client's current care program?   icon
Does it include built-in client filters that help users quickly narrow searches?   icon
Does it feature an optional intake form to help ensure required participant information and signatures are collected?   icon
Does it automatically control access to client files by agency per release agreement?   icon
Can it dynamically manage and enforce agency controlled access even when a new release agreement is available but not signed by the client?   icon
Does it automatically timestamp and save client touches to a client log?   icon
Does it include built-in time-out features to help enforce strong privacy compliance practices?   icon
Does it include activity reports that assist with grant requests?   icon
Does it include time reporting information to help justify FTE requests?   icon
Does it feature valuable time-tracking reports by users in each agency that provide intelligence on where time is spent?   icon
Does it generate referral activity reports organized by time of day to assist with scheduling needs?   icon
Does it quickly generate reports that help answer on-the-fly questions from key stakeholders?   icon
Does it feature a built-in forms generator to help cooperative administrators collect case-level information?   icon
Does it allow agencies to record and share client contact notes?   icon
Does it feature automated contact note follow-up dates shared by all authorized agencies to help prevent client care activities from falling through the cracks?   icon
Does it automatically identify duplicate referral applications for a merge operation?   icon
Does it save client activity details automaticaly so you have a complete client history?   icon
Does it automatically track client status changes to help evaluate cooperative activity during the month?   icon
Does it automatically timestamp client log and contact notes to help cooperative administrators quickly assess client history, status, and needs?   icon

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