Command Automation

Your transition from a notepad to command automation starts with victim tracking...

Preparing for the "unthinkable" is a tough job; but the community depends on you and your team when it counts. The problem is that managing victim tracking and hospital transport details for a large mass casualty incident (MCI) using a notepad is nearly impossible to keep accurate. We have the solution.

ZoneEMS is our new scalable victim tracking App for the iPad. With just simple taps and swipes, you can quickly record victim details, including trauma color code, and hospital transport information.

What's more, there's no limit to the number of authorized ZoneEMS users during the incident. Now multiple commands and treatment officers are seamlessly integrated and sharing victim details with the incident commander. Even mutual-aid units can use an iPad to record details and information is immediately available to command.

Just taps and swipes to operate

The field isn't a desk job. Command and treatment officers don't have a lot of time to record details, so we made it easy. Just taps and swipes to record vital victim information such as trauma color, approximate age, etc. It's automaticaly summarized and forwarded up to command via the Cloud.

Victims Dashboard

The top half of the Victims Dashboard provides a quick summary of all victims in your care. You'll know immediately the current victim count by trauma code, transports, released, and remaining victims on scene. The bottom part of the screen provides a quick summary from other commands.

Hospital Transports

The Hospital Transports screen provides a quick summary from the entire team, including their transports. Now command has immediate answers to incident intelligence that helps them stay ahead of the incident and save lives!

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