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Welcome to Command 2.0. This is a step-by-step training guide to command automation. Command 2.0 is for any training officer, battalion chief or executive chief that wants to uncover the benefits of command automation and put it to use.

Regardless of experience or technology comfort level, this simple How-To guide is for any chief that wants to take their command to the next level using an iPad. This is NOT a guide to tell you how to command; but rather a guide that helps you use automation for command intelligence so that you can make better and more timely decisions as the incident commander.

  • Step-by-Step command automation guide
  • Discover the benefits of command automation
  • Learn how to quickly solve common command challenges using automation
  • And much, much more...

Where to Start

Chances are that you're already planning your next mass casualty incident (MCI) exercise now. Perhaps it's a concert, large sporting event, air show or active shooter drill with your local school district. These MCI exercises are a great starting point for introducing command automation for several reasons:

  • Opportunity to evaluate new solutions in a training environment
  • Demonstrate how well automation manages a fluid event with rapidly changing details
  • Uncover how quickly automation delivers actionable command intelligence in real-time
  • Discover how easily automation organizes victim details arriving from multiple sources

New Technologies

Many of us are old enough to remember the days when the UPS driver carried a clipboard for delivery signatures. The problem was their supervisor had no way of knowing in real-time which packages were delivered, when, and how many remained to be delivered - not to mention the fact that their customers had no way of knowing in real-time the status of their package. Today, of course, package delivery is fully automated using a mobile device carried by the delivery driver. They know exactly where your package is in the delivery system and when it will be delivered.

Why to Start

As a commander during a MCI, your "packages" are far more important. If there are only a couple of casualties, the legacy notepad will likely work fine for tracking victim details and hospital transports; but as soon as multiple treatment officers are involved for a large incident, limitations of the tool (notepad) quickly surface. How many trauma reds? Yellows? Hospital transports? Where? What volume? Hospital transport overloads? How many victims on scene? How many total victims, etc.? What's more, it's very likely that details from two minutes ago are no longer correct because MCI details change rapidly. In a large-scale incident, especially MCIs involving mutual-aid partners, these tool limitations turn into major problems and that can have a negative impact on victims. That's where automation can help the incident commander.

Now imagine all treatment officers on-scene, including mutual-aid, using an easy-to-use iPad App to record victim and hospital transport details with everything feeding back to the incident commander in real-time. Now further imagine a single Victims Dashboard that provides a valuable summary to the incident commander with trauma counts, total victims on scene, and hospital transport details. You don't have to imagine anymore. It's now a reality and it's actionable intelligence that helps the incident commander to stay ahead of the incident and save lives! Plus, it's easy to get started.

ZoneEMS - Scalable Victim Tracking Automation

Using our scalable victim tracking app, ZoneEMS, you can automate victim tracking and hospital transport information with just an inexpensive iPad. The App is free to use by your department, mutual-aid partners, and even authorized hospital staff. This makes it easy for your department to get started and discover the immediate benefits of command automation. Now you have a tool that helps command and the entire team to perform better when your community needs you the most.

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